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Children's and preventive dentistry

Children's and preventive dentistry

Children's and preventive dentistry

It is important to learn how to take care of your teeth from an early age. A children's dentist must also be a good educator and establish a relationship of trust with the little ones.

Painless tooth repair

Tooth repair is completely painless. Even in cases when the child comes with existing pain, or the cavity has progressed so far that it has reached the pulp chamber (nerve) and it is necessary to anesthetize it, the entire procedure is still painless. The use of anesthesia and anesthetic gel enables the procedure to be completely painless.


Children's and preventive dentistry

The services we offer to our youngest patients in order to guide them and to create awareness about the importance of oral and dental health from an early age are as follows:

1. Training in maintaining oral hygiene
2. Removal of hard and soft deposits
3. Fissure sealings
4. Fluoride treatment of teeth
5. Fixing of milk and permanent teeth
6. Production of protective splints

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