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Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry is aimed at treating and repairing teeth. The goal of conservative dentistry is beautiful, healthy and functional teeth. Among other things, conservative treatment includes procedures such as caries treatment with tooth fillings, inlay and onlay with indirect fillings. 


Caries is the most widespread periodontal disease. It is caused by bacteria formed in the mouth by the intake of food rich in carbohydrates. Bacteria break down sucrose, fructose and glucose, producing acids that lower the pH value. If the pH drops below 5.5, the acids begin to erode the tooth enamel, which eventually causes cavities. Smaller deposits of caries can be removed by applying fluoride, while larger deposits are mostly removed mechanically.  It is necessary to protect the cleaned part of the tooth after the removal, in order to prevent further decay. We will advise you on the method of protection and guide you in detail after assessing the damage.

The space created after the removal of the altered dental tissue (enamel and dentin) is filled first with foundations that protect the tooth from thermal and other stimuli, and after that with composite. Composite is the material that makes up the white (composite) filling, and it is very important to use a good quality composite. In the ProDental Centre dental practice, fillings are made of the highest quality composites of the 3M ESPE Filtek brand, which guarantee durability and superior aesthetic performance.

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